Emerging Technology Programs

Applied learning Centered on leading technologies and tools, the Consort Institute at CAU programs provide a good balance of theoretical as well the practical knowledge that is required to learn and implement the tools and technologies. The program is practitioner-focused and driven by professional and business needs. Students gain the ability to think critically and address many complex issues in a multicultural and changing technology world.
Expert Faculty The faculty members teaching at Consort Institute at CAU are industry-leading experts. They not only command a deep understanding of the subject matter but also have vast practical wisdom in the tools and technologies they teach. They come from diverse industries and hence bring case examples that are relevant and directly related to the subject matter that they teach.
Agile Skilled Development The programs offered by Consort Institute at CAU are designed to allow professionals to complete a course on an accelerated timeline. All core sessions are held on Saturdays and each course can be completed within 7 to 12 weeks. This not only helps students to learn while being employed full time, but it also helps to carry the newly learned skills into their work environments in a robust and efficient manner.
Project based The programs offered at Consort Institute at CAU are rigorous because of the emphasis placed on the capstone projects. These projects not only help the students to consolidate their knowledge but also gives them real-time project work experience. The capstone provides the foundation for our students to take on real-time projects at their workplace.